Dr. Sheri Thompson - Veterinarian


Dr. Sheri Thompson has had numerous pets that provided comfort and companionship for her throughout her life.

As a veterinarian, she enjoys giving back to animals by caring for them and their owners.

Dr. Thompson was born in Olympia, Washington. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences from Washington State University and a Veterinary Technology degree from Central Carolina Community College. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University in 2000. She completed an externship at Washington State University. She previously worked with Drs. Roberts, Eppard, and Braddock and is pleased to be an employee at Plum Creek Veterinary Services.

Dr. Thompson enjoys surgery, dentistry, and working with our great clients and their pets. She has been a race veterinarian for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod Sled Dog races. She is interested in sports medicine and evaluation of lamenesses. She has attended advanced dental care training classes and enjoys providing a high level of dental care.

Dr. Thompson lives in Larkspur with her significant other. They have a Border collie, Beauceron, and an Akbash, one cat, and various farm animals/equine on their hobby farm. Dr. Thompson enjoys reading, training horses, flying, hiking, and pack burro racing.

Professional Affiliations. Sheri Thompson, DVM is a member in good standings of the following professional organizations:

Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society
Colorado Veterinary Medical Society
American Veterinary Medical Society